Faea is a young Wood Elf Druid of the Moon Circle


Faea is all wood elf, very connected to nature and in particular the Spirit of her Oak.

As a young child, her parents – both Druids of the Moon Circle – left on a mission to fight an evil where it had been discovered to be leaking through and setting down roots on our plane.

She was left in the care of her Grandfather Orin, a quirky wood elf druid. His fighting days had left him not quite right in the head. He was generally harmless enough, aside from his tendency to draft unsuspecting travelers into the Druidic circles, stating that he was serving Nature’s call and doing his part to preserve the balance.

These travelers to the deep forest, suddenly finding themselves beset with Druidic ways and means, often weren’t as grateful as her Grandfather had hoped they would be. Beginning at an early age It fell to Faea to coach them through the basics of being a Druid. They would tend to leave as soon as possible, often to find a way to reverse the effect of drinking from Orin’s magic pool.

The one consolation to Faea’s plight were her romps in the forest as different animals as she grew in strength and ability as a Druid herself. That and the old oak tree she stumbled upon when she was first allowed to explore on her own. Just a child, she felt it call her – an Oak so ancient that it had gained a Spirit and sentience of its own.

It would speak to her in its way as she would meditate beneath it, or play in its branches. It taught her how to communicate with the animals of the forest and commune with the land, sensing the balance of all things. As she grew, she began to sense a disturbance in the force…a tipping of the balance.

It was then that her Grandfather shared with her the fate of her parents, who had sensed this disturbance before she was even born…and who died trying to protect the balance. As she communed with the tree and the forest, she became more and more convinced that she must follow in her parents footsteps and attempt to tackle this disturbance head on.

The Oak Spirit began to send her visions of a great battle between Gods in a distant land, somewhere strange she had never been or even heard of. She grew more and more restless, and told her Grandfather of her need to travel, to seek out this darkness and finish her parent’s work.

It was then that her Grandfather began to seek out not just travelers, but someone who could be a guide for his charge. She was clueless in the ways of the world beyond the forest. He found just such a person in form of a Halfling named Banyon.

Once a Druid, he became friends with Faea. As she taught him of being a Moon Circle Druid, he taught her of what it was to be part of the modern world. She didn’t take well to the lessons, but did her best.

Time went by, and as the moon and stars aligned and the forest grew more and more disquieted, the Spirit of the Oak gifted her with a branch from its own boughs from which she was able to fashion a quarterstaff. She felt as one with the wood, as if it were part of her own body. She swiftly grew proficient in its use, and even learned to enhance it with her own natural magics..

When Banyon suggested yet another trip to the city of Waterdeep – and his reason for going – she realized she was ready to leave her forest. It was time to go and seek out her destiny.


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